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Kids Ages 8 & Under

Do you need more information, or have questions about how to get started and what to expect. Feel free to reach out.
John Geffert, SYHC President

2017 Fall Registration

Is your child interested in playing hockey?

Registration is now open for kids ages 8 and under and practices will be starting in September. The Strongsville Youth Hockey Club is the only nationally accredited Model Association for youth player development in the State of Ohio. It is simply the best place to learn to play hockey in the Cleveland Area.

What is a Model Association?

With this designation, these organizations have committed to meeting or exceeding the highest standards for youth hockey player development.

USA Hockey Model Associations fully implement programming dedicated to age-appropriate, age-specific skill development in accordance with USA Hockey's American Development Model throughout the 8-and-Under, 10-and-Under and 12-and-Under age classifications.

As a benefit of Model Association designation, associations receive extra support from USA Hockey to further implement the ADM throughout their programs, including in-person coaches training, on-ice instruction and parent resources from USA Hockey's national staff.

USA Hockey 
National Governing Body for the sport of ice hockey in the United States

ADM Stage 1: Active Start

Ages 0-6

This early development period is essential for acquiring fundamental movement skills (running, gliding, jumping, kicking, catching, striking...) that lay the foundation for more complex movements, thereby preparing children for a physically active lifestyle. USA Hockey encourages activity that incorporates fundamental movement skills in the 4 environments that lead to physical literacy:

  • In the water: Swimming
  • On the ground: Athletics
  • In the air: Gymnastics
  • On ice and snow: Sliding (skating)

Kids should start with a learn to skate program and then a learn to play program as their initial steps into ice hockey.

6 & Under

  • 50-60 ice sessions
  • 2-3 ice sessions per week 50-60 minute ice sessions 7-9 skaters per team
  • 0 full-time goalies
  • 34-40 quality practices 16-20 cross-ice game days 

ADM Stage 2: FUNdamentals

Ages 6-8 Girls; Ages 6-9 boys 

The objective of this stage is to refine fundamental movement skills and begin to acquire basic sports skills. This is the time when a foundation is laid for future acquisition of more advanced skills.

The focus is on the development of physical literacy. Fundamental movement skills should be mastered and motor development emphasized, while the participation in many sports/activities is encouraged. For optimal skill acquisition, the basic hockey skills of skating and puck control are introduced. FUN competitions are also introduced in a team environment. 

8 & Under:

  • 50-60 ice sessions
  • 2-3 on-ice/1 off-ice sessions/week
  • 50-60 minute ice sessions 9-12 skaters per team 0 full-time goalies
  • 34-40 quality practices 16-20 cross-ice game days 

The Registration "Kids Ages 8 & Under" is not currently available.